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  • Eileen, Colombia says:

    Thanks to the quality of teaching, the diversity of activities and the friendly atmosphere, Elfe transformed my young au pair French lessons into a very enriching experience.

  • Franziska, German says:

    At Elfe, I had the opportunity to learn about new cultures and different nationalities. I am always very happy to go and improve my French skills with my new friends from all over the world.

  • Mariana, Mexico says:

    I like being a student here, everyone is very friendly and it is the ideal place to meet new people.

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Objectifves by levels

Level A0 – Complete beginner (60 hours)

Level A0 – Complete beginner (60 hours)

These lessons are for students who are beginners. The objective of these lessons is to build a foundation of communicative competence in order to help students make themselves understood and to understand very simple situations in daily life.    
Communication objectives
  • enter into contact with someone
  • describe a person
  • describe daily activities
  • express one's preferences
  • situate oneself in time
  • describe past actions in a simple way
  • make and confirm an appointment
  • describe plans
    Grammatical objectives
  • regular and basic verbs in the present tense
  • a few verbs in the passé composé (present perfect)
  • negation
  • futur proche (near future)
  • why/because
  • prepositions
  • demonstrative adjectives
  • qualifying adjectives

Level A2 – Advanced beginner (150hours)

Level A2 – Advanced beginner (150hours)

The objective of this course is to enable the student to participate in simple conversations, improve his or her communication strategies and understand audio documentation.     Communication objectives
  • describe a timetable
  • talk about facts in the past
  • talk about one's professional experience
  • talk about the future
  • express obligation
  • express opinion
  • give advice
  • compare objects, compare people
  • request information
  • ask someone to do something
  • express cause and consequence
  • describe qualities
  Grammatical objectives
  • irregular verbs in the present tense
  • futur proche (near future) and futur simple (simple future) tenses
  • imperfect tense
  • passé composé (present perfect) tense with common verbs
  • pronominal verbs
  • modal verbs
  • polite requests in the conditional mood
  • comparison
  • time indicators
  • partitive articles
  • direct and indirect pronouns
  • simple relative pronouns

Level B1 – Intermediate (125h/125h)

Level B1 – Intermediate (125h/125h)

The objective of the B1 lessons is to help the student fill in any gaps with a quick revision of skills acquired in level A2 and to lead them towards independence. It is made up of 2 sub-levels B1.1 (125 hours) and B1.2 (125 hours).  
Communication objectives B1.1
  • take part in conversations on specific subjects
  • express one's opinion in a nuanced way
  • tell a story, including different moments
  • express hypothesis and conditions
  • justify oneself
  • report speech
  • define specific contexts
  • know how to construct a speech
  • express feelings
  • request simple information in writing
    Grammatical objectives B1.1
  • revision of past tenses (passé composé and imperfect for description)
  • passive
  • time markers
  • present conditional
  • agreement of tenses
  • subjunctive (wish, desire, necessity)
  • simple logical connectors
  • adverbs
  • hypothesis  in the present and future

  Communication objectives B1.2 (125 hours)
  • express one's opinion in a nuanced way
  • report events in detail
  • be able to organise and give a speech
  • describe a process
  • take part in conversations on general or specific subjects
  • be able to summarise
  • know how to illustrate one's statements
  • interact in professional situations
  • express opposition and concession
  • request and give advice
  • master letter-writing conventions
  • understand a literary text
  Grammatical objectives B1.2
  • revision of agreement in past tenses
  • adverbs of time, cause, finality and consequence
  • personal pronouns
  • pronouns y and en
  • past conditional
  • compound relative pronouns
  • indicative and subjunctive moods
  • gerund
  • impersonal constructions and the passive
  • simple nominalisation
  • opposition and concession markers
  • passé simple (past historic)

Level B2 – Advandced Intermediate (250 hours)

Level B2 – Advandced Intermediate (250 hours)

This course is for students who have already achieved the threshold level (B2). It allows them to become more independent, develop the 4 skills and gain confidence with interactions.   Communication objectives
  • make a presentation
  • explain reasoning
  • negotiate
  • speculate on the present, past and future
  • express regret and blame
  • give instructions
  • set out arguments
  • convince
  • define in a detailed manner
  • report speech
  • converse
  • compare data
  • tell stories in writing
  Grammatical objectives
  • revision of indicative mood
  • impersonal constructions
  • use of conditional mood
  • use of subjunctive and indicative moods
  • nominalisation
  • discourse connectors
  • complex phrases
  • pronouns (demonstrative, possessive, personal, indefinite)
  • use of present participle and gerund
  • letter-writing constructions

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Working as an au pair is always a formative experience, providing a very enriching cultural exchange. Discovering a new way of life, education, local food and, above all, a new language, are the main challenges of this immersive experience.


Elfe can support you in this experience, with French lessons at a suitable level, in groups of 17 people maximum.


The lessons are very interactive and focus on spoken communication. Homework is set at each lesson.


You have the choice between 2 types of pre-registration:

1 - One for an amount of 75 €, non-refundable in case of visa refusal and does not guarantee a place in class to the student,

2 - A sum of 200 €, deductible from the tuition fees, ensures a place in class for the student and is refundable in case of refusal of Visa.

Required level

Level: Beginner (A0, A1), Elementary/Advanced Elementary (A2, A2+), Intermediate/Advanced Intermediate (B1/ B2+), Advanced (C1)


From Monday 12/09/2022 to Friday 05/12/2022

From Monday 16/01/2023 to Friday 16/04/2022

From Monday 22/04/2023 to Friday 09/05/2022



Identify your level of French

C2 - Higher advanced level

Excellent command of the language, with structured and coherent expression in all situations.

C1 - Advanced level

Advanced level: good command of the language, with well- structured expression in social and professional situations.

B2 - Advanced Intermediate level

General command of the language in social situations.

B1 - Intermediate level

Effective, but still limited, command of the language in everyday communication.

A2 - Advanced beginner level

Communication during simple everyday tasks and familiar activities.

A1 - Beginner level

Use of simple phrases. Understanding of common words.

A0 - Complete beginner

No knowledge.

Our Main Teachers


Teacher of French as a foreign language


Teacher of French as a foreign language


Teacher of French as a foreign language

« I am very happy to have been part of ELFE for the last four years. The administrative staff is friendly, the atmosphere is studious and happy. »


Teacher of French as a foreign language

« I take a lot of pleasure from helping my students progress in French each day. In addition, as they come from different places, working with them is very enriching. »


Teacher of French as a foreign language

Price : Free

Max Availability : 17

Difficulty : Beginner Intermediate

Location : 15 rue Montmartre, 75001 Paris

Typology : In groups