23 January 2017

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Portrait: an Elfe student shares his experience

Portrait: an Elfe student shares his experience

Christophe Hess, a German student aged 41 who had two weeks of classes at Elfe, shared his feelings after his course.

Why do you want to learn French? Is it for personal or professional reasons?


I already learnt French at my Grammar School in Switzerland, but that was over 20 years ago. Since then I have hardly spoken French, only German and English. For a year I have worked as an office manager in Bank Assistance and Project Management for the bank group Raiffeisen, active only in Switzerland. Thus the national languages, including French, are more important than English. In my work, I have lots of contact with banks in Romandy (French-speaking Switzerland). So I decided to spend two weeks at Elfe to refresh my French.


Why did you choose Elfe to help you make progress?


It was the company Boa Lingua, who specialise in language study trips, who recommended Elfe to me, based on the criteria I specified: :

  • Possibility of taking classes for only two weeks
  • Possibility of a refresher course
  • Possibility to have group lessons, but combined with one-to-one lessons
  • Possibility of combining language study with cultural activities
  • Average age of students over 30 year – School with a good reputation


What will you remember most about your course at Elfe?


All the teachers I met convinced me; both in terms of motivation and on a professional level (methodology, teaching, choice of topics and support outside of class, etc.). This has given my French language learning new impetus. I now want to continue to improve my skills in this beautiful language.