Our one-to-one lessons

One-to-one lessons

One-to-one lessons offer great flexibility. They can be adapted to the pace, needs and availabilities of each person. They can be taken separately or to complement group lessons in order to work on specific objectives. One-to-one lessons can be taken at the school, at your home or business, face to face or online.


A French text book, relevant to your level, is supplied at the beginning of the course. The teachers, all university graduates and holders of a qualification for teaching French as a Foreign Language, are trained in different educational approaches and have much experience in teaching French to adults. To enable the students to progress quickly, an interactive and communicative method is used, using various materials that are continuously renewed.


A certificate with the level the student has attained is awarded to participants at the end of their stay. An evaluation questionnaire allows students to give feedback on how they feel the lessons and activities went and on the quality of the accommodation.  Students are able to evaluate their level using the CEFRL framework (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Our one-to-one lessons

  • One-to-one lessons

  • Online lessons

  • Lessons at your teacher's house

Identify your level of French

C2 - Higher advanced level

Excellent command of the language, with structured and coherent expression in all situations.

C1 - Advanced level

Good command of the language, with well- structured expression in social and professional situations.

B2 - Intermediate level

General command of the language in social situations.

B1 - Intermediate level

Effective, but still limited, command of the language in everyday communication.

A2 - Advanced beginner level

Communication during simple everyday tasks and familiar activities.

A1 - Beginner level

Use of simple phrases. Understanding of common words.

A0 - Complete beginner

No knowledge.