Our team

Anne Lapeyre

Administrative and Teaching Director

Sophie Yar

Business and Agent Relations Officer

Sandrine Hervouet

International Relations and Group Bookings

Elisa Manonellas

 Accommodation Director

Dominique Frelaut

Commercial Development Director

The Collège de Paris


Elfe is a member of the Collège de Paris, whose mission is to promote, in all areas, French expertise through training. As a founder member of this network, Elfe is also a cornerstone, allowing students to gain great benefit from their courses in France and in French.

All Collège de Paris establishments share three key values: international perspective, teaching excellence, individualised support for students.

Each year, the Collège de Paris trains more than 3,000 students, 50% of whom are international students.

Various multi-disciplinary programmes at the Collège de Paris benefit from Elfe’s expertise:

Elfe : ecole de langue française à Paris

Along with Elfe, the Collège de Paris also includes 

Ascencia Business School
Ascencia Business School

A business school


An environmental school

Ecole Conte
Ecole Conte

A school of applied arts

Digital College

A digital school


A school of high finance

Ecole Décor
Ecole Décor

A school for painted decor

Ecole Bleue

A general design school


A management school

The Collège de Paris in images


Elfe also offers its expertise to international companies wishing to train their employees in general or specialist French. In groups or one-to-one, our lessons can take place at our school or at your business premises.

Various companies in all sectors have already worked with us: