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  • Samuel, Ghana says:

    One of the main advantages is the bespoke nature of the learning. The daily programme (10 minutes for the lesson and 5 for the correction) helps you to stay motivated and continue studying without having a negative impact on your working day.

  • Anna, Austria says:

    Frantastique allows me to continue to improve my language skills. There is no need to dedicate lots of time and I really like the combination of teaching references and cultural references when studying Victor Hugo’s stories.

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Accelerate or maintain the skills you acquired before or after an immersive stay and keep your written French up with our online lessons.


Each day you will receive an email with a selection of language activities, either written or based on audio or video, depending on your general needs in French and your level. You will receive an almost immediate correction to your assignment: personalised explanations, relevant vocabulary and the scripts of dialogues. A revision programme is designed to optimise your studies.

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