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Ms Luxury Food and Wine Management

Ms Luxury Food and Wine Management


Henri Lequien

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  • Cannelle says:

    The Collège de Paris course allowed me to deepen my knowledge of “technical” aspects (Finance, Law, Customs), but above all, to meet professionals from the industry, who have been, and still are today, a great source of advice.

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The Ms Fine Food and Wine Management is an international management course specialising in the areas of fine foods and oenology. It is offered by the Collège de Paris group, of which Elfe is a founder member.


The course was designed with the support of the best professionals from the most prestigious Parisian companies. It combines applied management training with practical workshops that provide a sensory experience of what a career in the wine and food business is like.


Each year, matriculation takes place in a Parisian Palace in the presence of the President of the Collège de Paris, Olivier de Lagarde. An induction weekend in the Champagne region and a study trip the the Bordeaux region complement the course.


The course can be taken as a full-time course or as a work-study course, with a timetable of 2 days studying and 3 days working in a company each week.


From the end of 2017, the lectures will take place on the new Collège de Paris campus at the Arche de la Défense!


Our partners:


They host internships or work-study placements for our students, host our events, teach on our courses and contribute to our students' development:


Perrier-Jouët – Fauchon – Ladurée – Champagne Mumm – Cognac Martell – Le Bon Marché – Lavinia – Hermès – Le Meurice – Le Ritz – Le Lutétia – John Paul – Dorchester Collection – Concorde Hôtel Resorts, among others



The students prepare three certifications:

• The Title, recognised by the State, of "Business Unit Manager" (Food and Wine sector) registered with the RNCP (National Register of Professional Certifications) at Level I by decree on 29th July 2014 published in the Official Journal on 9th August 2014, awarded by the Association for the Collège de Paris

• The MS "Fine Food and Wine Management" accredited by the international organisation Eduniversal

• The school certificate "Wine and Vineyard Manager", awarded by the Collège de Paris


Study Unit 1  – Management

  • International Strategy
  • Financial Analysis
  • Managing Procurement / Purchasing
  • Intercultural Management


Study Unit 2 – Food & Wine Marketing

  • Marketing wines and spirits
  • Marketing fine foods
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Digital Marketing


Study Unit 3 – Communication

  • Fine foods and communication
  • Wine and Champagne and communication
  • Fine food / wine merchandising
  • Applied communications


Study Unit – Luxury

  • Luxury branding: wine and fine foods
  • Value in luxury brands
  • Distribution strategy in luxury brands
  • The Geopolitics of the luxury sector
  • High end products and mass distribution


Study Unit 5 – Business

  • Sustainable development and CRS
  • Business ethics
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Intellectual property
  • Trends and innovation


Study Unit 6 – Experience

  • Study trip to Champagne
  • Study trip to Bordeaux
  • Professional thesis
  • Internship or work-study placement
Dates and Timetable


School year begins in October, 15-month course.



Our Main Teachers

Henri Lequien

CRM and Big Data

« Elfe students, from year to year, are always very motivated and it is a pleasure to share with them the current challenges of the Customer Relations industry »

Juliette Jouannet

Marketing applied to food

« With passion and multi-disciplinary expertise in marketing and communication, Juliette Jouannet, director and founder of Agence Comestible, supports professionals in the food sector. »

Hugues le Marié

Marketing of wine and spirits

« After having been a mentor for the Peninsula matriculation at the Collège de Paris, my goal for my lessons is to give my students the keys so that they will become proud ambassadors of the French luxury sector via their field of excellence: wines and spirits.»

Adeline Gregis

Export techniques

« Developing a taste for internationalisation is not easy for the students on the MS Fine Food and Wine Management, but each year it is a real success! »

Alice Darmon

Distribution strategy in luxury food

« I have the pleasure of meeting motivated, curious students, who enrich our discussions with their personal stories and are ready to imagine the future of distribution strategies in a sector with great cultural and economic challenges. »

Frédéric Michaud

Operational Business Management

Laurent Tepelos

Purchasing and Procurement

Philippe Defleur

History of Wine-Making

« For 10 years, Philippe Defleur has been sharing his knowledge of tasting wine, spirits, beer, coffee, tea and wine/food pairing. He acquired his knowledge through 15 years experience in the luxury restaurant industry.»

Stéphanie Brion

Inter-cultural Management

Specialising in inter-cultural management, she has, over 20 years, acquired solid experience while managing and leading inter-cultural teams and deploying projects and services internationally for large groups. She has been supporting future managers trained by Elfe for several years, teaching them the keys to success in an international environment with a specialism in the luxury, excellence and food markets."

Maxime Beaulieu


« Pairing creativity and the design process opens various fields of exploration and innovation. At the Collège de Paris, we carry out this process with our students because we believe in new possibilities. »

Michaël Chemla


« Students from the Ms course are from very different backgrounds, making the working groups very dynamic and creative. Teaching them digital marketing is a very effective way for me to expose to a connected generation the recommendations we make to our agency clients. Students work on real projects and bring a very enriching outlook. »

Price : Free

Max Availability : 30

Difficulty : Advanced

Location : 15 rue Montmartre, 75001 Paris

Typology : Specialist courses