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  • Richard, USA says:

    My stay at Elfe was an awesome experience! The lessons were very varied, thanks to the diversity of material used (radio, TV, newspapers, songs, cultural information). Thank you!

  • Gaby, Maxico says:

    I love coming to Elfe! There’s a great atmosphere here, it’s like a family. I also like the quality of the lessons and the teachers’ availability, they are always willing to help us.

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Objectives by levels

Level B1 – Intermediate (125h/125h)

Level B1 – Intermediate (125h/125h)

The objective of the B1 lessons is to help the student fill in any gaps with a quick revision of skills acquired in level A2 and to lead them towards independence. It is made up of 2 sub-levels B1.1 (125 hours) and B1.2 (125 hours).  
Communication objectives B1.1
  • take part in conversations on specific subjects
  • express one's opinion in a nuanced way
  • tell a story, including different moments
  • express hypothesis and conditions
  • justify oneself
  • report speech
  • define specific contexts
  • know how to construct a speech
  • express feelings
  • request simple information in writing
    Grammatical objectives B1.1
  • revision of past tenses (passé composé and imperfect for description)
  • passive
  • time markers
  • present conditional
  • agreement of tenses
  • subjunctive (wish, desire, necessity)
  • simple logical connectors
  • adverbs
  • hypothesis  in the present and future

  Communication objectives B1.2 (125 hours)
  • express one's opinion in a nuanced way
  • report events in detail
  • be able to organise and give a speech
  • describe a process
  • take part in conversations on general or specific subjects
  • be able to summarise
  • know how to illustrate one's statements
  • interact in professional situations
  • express opposition and concession
  • request and give advice
  • master letter-writing conventions
  • understand a literary text
  Grammatical objectives B1.2
  • revision of agreement in past tenses
  • adverbs of time, cause, finality and consequence
  • personal pronouns
  • pronouns y and en
  • past conditional
  • compound relative pronouns
  • indicative and subjunctive moods
  • gerund
  • impersonal constructions and the passive
  • simple nominalisation
  • opposition and concession markers
  • passé simple (past historic)

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For students wanting to study French and acquire their first professional experience in a French company, Elfe offers French lessons, followed by an internship.


This option allows you to complement the French lessons with an internship in the industry of your choice, in order to acquire your first professional experience in a French company. The available industries are very varied: communication, consulting, tourism, law, banking, fashion, education, fine foods and more.


We will help you to find an internship that matches your profile, experience and qualifications. To do this,  we work in partnership with the organisation Aquarius Abroad, which specialises in internships in France and abroad.


The internship is an opportunity to further practise your business French in real life conditions and add a new international experience to your CV.


2 options are offered:


  • 12 weeks of French lessons (20 hours per week in a group) + a 12 week internship.
  • 3–6 weeks of French lessons (15 hours per week in mini-group) + a 3–6 week internship.

Thanks to the zoom platform, in one click, you enter your class!

Required level

B1 - Intermediate Level

Dates and Timetable

Sessions begin on the 1st  Monday of each month for beginners and every Monday for other levels (except Bank Holidays).


12 weeks formula

Formula 3-6 weeks
€1.515 - €2.370

Identify your level of French

C2 - Higher advanced level

Excellent command of the language, with structured and coherent expression in all situations.

C1 - Advanced level

Advanced level: good command of the language, with well- structured expression in social and professional situations.

B2 - Advanced Intermediate level

General command of the language in social situations.

B1 - Intermediate level

Effective, but still limited, command of the language in everyday communication.

A2 - Advanced beginner level

Communication during simple everyday tasks and familiar activities.

A1 - Beginner level

Use of simple phrases. Understanding of common words.

A0 - Complete beginner

No knowledge.

Our Main Teachers


Teacher of French as a foreign language


Teacher of French as a foreign language

« I am very happy to have been part of ELFE for the last four years. The administrative staff is friendly, the atmosphere is studious and happy. »


Teacher of French as a foreign language


Teacher of French as a foreign language

« I take a lot of pleasure from helping my students progress in French each day. In addition, as they come from different places, working with them is very enriching. »


Teacher of French as a foreign language

Price : Free

Max Availability : 10

Difficulty : Intermediate

Location : 15 rue Montmartre, 75001 Paris

Typology : In groups