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Objectives by level

Level B2 – Advandced Intermediate (250 hours)

Level B2 – Advandced Intermediate (250 hours)

This course is for students who have already achieved the threshold level (B2). It allows them to become more independent, develop the 4 skills and gain confidence with interactions.   Communication objectives
  • make a presentation
  • explain reasoning
  • negotiate
  • speculate on the present, past and future
  • express regret and blame
  • give instructions
  • set out arguments
  • convince
  • define in a detailed manner
  • report speech
  • converse
  • compare data
  • tell stories in writing
  Grammatical objectives
  • revision of indicative mood
  • impersonal constructions
  • use of conditional mood
  • use of subjunctive and indicative moods
  • nominalisation
  • discourse connectors
  • complex phrases
  • pronouns (demonstrative, possessive, personal, indefinite)
  • use of present participle and gerund
  • letter-writing constructions

Level C1 – Advanced (200 hours)

Level C1 – Advanced (200 hours)

This course is for experienced students wishing to use flexible, effective language in all personal and professional situations.    
Communication objectives
  • express oneself with ease and spontaneity
  • produce a clear and well-constructed address during a presentation
  • explain reasoning
  • understand all kinds of audio and written documentation
  • master different registers of the language
  • avoid repetition
  • negotiate
  • write everyday correspondance in a fluent way
  • be capable of rephrasing
  • write highly developed texts
    Grammatical objectives
  • systematisation of tense agreement
  • indicative and subjunctive moods
  • logical discourse connectors
  • express supposition
  • express aims
  • express cause and consequence
  • express opposition
  • revision of pronouns
  • idiomatic expressions
  • colloquial language

Level C2 or advanced training (250 hours)

Level C2 or advanced training (250 hours)

These lessons are for advanced students and aim for competence close to a native speaker in both speech and writing.    
Communication objectives
  • understand and communicate the subtleties of the language
  • master idiomatic expressions
  • present a complex subject in speech or in writing
  • write highly-developed text in a clear and effective style
  • understand any audio document, whatever the output
  • understand a wide range of texts
  • understand implied meaning
  • converse in a comfortable manner without feeling limited by language

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This programme is for foreign French teachers, whether experienced or recently qualified, who want to consolidate their teaching skills, explore the latest methodologies for teaching French and deepen their knowledge of French culture and contemporary France.


The teacher will adjust the course content to take into account the specific needs of each participant, based on their teaching experience and cultural background (a questionnaire is sent before the course in order to analyse participants' requirements). The participants will use their existing knowledge to learn new teaching techniques and methodologies.


Free-choice themes: Mastering the taught language, The evolution of the French language, Teaching literature and civilisation, Current debates in contemporary France, An Intercultural approach, The use of authentic documents about French civilisation, The use of multimedia, French songs, and more.


For teachers eligible for the Erasmus+ programme, the courses can be financed by the European Union [Elfe's PIC number: 933811629].

Required level


Dates and Timetable


From th 10th to July 14th, 2023
From the 17th to the 21th of July 2023


Monday to Friday:
09:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. / 1:30 - 4:00 pm


550€ per week (administrative fees included)

Identify your level of French

C2 - Higher advanced level

Excellent command of the language, with structured and coherent expression in all situations.

C1 - Advanced level

Advanced level: good command of the language, with well- structured expression in social and professional situations.

B2 - Intermediate level

General command of the language in social situations.

B1 - Intermediate level

Effective, but still limited, command of the language in everyday communication.

A2 - Advanced beginner level

Communication during simple everyday tasks and familiar activities.

A1 - Beginner level

Use of simple phrases. Understanding of common words.

A0 - Complete beginner

No knowledge.

Our Main Teachers


Teacher of French as a foreign language


Teacher of French as a foreign language

« I take a lot of pleasure from helping my students progress in French each day. In addition, as they come from different places, working with them is very enriching. »


Teacher of French as a foreign language


Teacher of French as a foreign language

« I am very happy to have been part of ELFE for the last four years. The administrative staff is friendly, the atmosphere is studious and happy. »

Price : Free

Max Availability : 20

Difficulty : Advanced Intermediate

Location : 15 rue Montmartre, 75001 Paris

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