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  • Lili, China says:

    I am really excited and can’t wait to come again! I really liked the way that the teacher spoke to us. I felt at ease and I love working using music…

  • Maxime, Switzerland says:

    I find this to be a great method because we play games with other students, that’s really good and helps us progress quickly. I can’t wait to do it again, I really liked it.

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Objectifves by level

Level A2 – Advanced beginner (150hours)

Level A2 – Advanced beginner (150hours)

The objective of this course is to enable the student to participate in simple conversations, improve his or her communication strategies and understand audio documentation.     Communication objectives
  • describe a timetable
  • talk about facts in the past
  • talk about one's professional experience
  • talk about the future
  • express obligation
  • express opinion
  • give advice
  • compare objects, compare people
  • request information
  • ask someone to do something
  • express cause and consequence
  • describe qualities
  Grammatical objectives
  • irregular verbs in the present tense
  • futur proche (near future) and futur simple (simple future) tenses
  • imperfect tense
  • passé composé (present perfect) tense with common verbs
  • pronominal verbs
  • modal verbs
  • polite requests in the conditional mood
  • comparison
  • time indicators
  • partitive articles
  • direct and indirect pronouns
  • simple relative pronouns

Level B1 – Intermediate (125h/125h)

Level B1 – Intermediate (125h/125h)

The objective of the B1 lessons is to help the student fill in any gaps with a quick revision of skills acquired in level A2 and to lead them towards independence. It is made up of 2 sub-levels B1.1 (125 hours) and B1.2 (125 hours).  
Communication objectives B1.1
  • take part in conversations on specific subjects
  • express one's opinion in a nuanced way
  • tell a story, including different moments
  • express hypothesis and conditions
  • justify oneself
  • report speech
  • define specific contexts
  • know how to construct a speech
  • express feelings
  • request simple information in writing
    Grammatical objectives B1.1
  • revision of past tenses (passé composé and imperfect for description)
  • passive
  • time markers
  • present conditional
  • agreement of tenses
  • subjunctive (wish, desire, necessity)
  • simple logical connectors
  • adverbs
  • hypothesis  in the present and future

  Communication objectives B1.2 (125 hours)
  • express one's opinion in a nuanced way
  • report events in detail
  • be able to organise and give a speech
  • describe a process
  • take part in conversations on general or specific subjects
  • be able to summarise
  • know how to illustrate one's statements
  • interact in professional situations
  • express opposition and concession
  • request and give advice
  • master letter-writing conventions
  • understand a literary text
  Grammatical objectives B1.2
  • revision of agreement in past tenses
  • adverbs of time, cause, finality and consequence
  • personal pronouns
  • pronouns y and en
  • past conditional
  • compound relative pronouns
  • indicative and subjunctive moods
  • gerund
  • impersonal constructions and the passive
  • simple nominalisation
  • opposition and concession markers
  • passé simple (past historic)

Level B2 – Advandced Intermediate (250 hours)

Level B2 – Advandced Intermediate (250 hours)

This course is for students who have already achieved the threshold level (B2). It allows them to become more independent, develop the 4 skills and gain confidence with interactions.   Communication objectives
  • make a presentation
  • explain reasoning
  • negotiate
  • speculate on the present, past and future
  • express regret and blame
  • give instructions
  • set out arguments
  • convince
  • define in a detailed manner
  • report speech
  • converse
  • compare data
  • tell stories in writing
  Grammatical objectives
  • revision of indicative mood
  • impersonal constructions
  • use of conditional mood
  • use of subjunctive and indicative moods
  • nominalisation
  • discourse connectors
  • complex phrases
  • pronouns (demonstrative, possessive, personal, indefinite)
  • use of present participle and gerund
  • letter-writing constructions

Level C1 – Advanced (200 hours)

Level C1 – Advanced (200 hours)

This course is for experienced students wishing to use flexible, effective language in all personal and professional situations.    
Communication objectives
  • express oneself with ease and spontaneity
  • produce a clear and well-constructed address during a presentation
  • explain reasoning
  • understand all kinds of audio and written documentation
  • master different registers of the language
  • avoid repetition
  • negotiate
  • write everyday correspondance in a fluent way
  • be capable of rephrasing
  • write highly developed texts
    Grammatical objectives
  • systematisation of tense agreement
  • indicative and subjunctive moods
  • logical discourse connectors
  • express supposition
  • express aims
  • express cause and consequence
  • express opposition
  • revision of pronouns
  • idiomatic expressions
  • colloquial language

Level C2 or advanced training (250 hours)

Level C2 or advanced training (250 hours)

These lessons are for advanced students and aim for competence close to a native speaker in both speech and writing.    
Communication objectives
  • understand and communicate the subtleties of the language
  • master idiomatic expressions
  • present a complex subject in speech or in writing
  • write highly-developed text in a clear and effective style
  • understand any audio document, whatever the output
  • understand a wide range of texts
  • understand implied meaning
  • converse in a comfortable manner without feeling limited by language

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Learning a new language can be a source of anxiety. The fear of expressing oneself in public or difficulties with understanding often result in a block that can begin at school and can be difficult to overcome. Elfe offers an innovative method with a "quantum leap" system.


In physics, a quantum leap is an abrupt change in the state of a system, in a virtually instantaneous way:  moving from one energy state to another energy state. Applied to language learning, it's about moving from a state in which we have often been for a long time with doubts about the possibility of progressing to a state where we can use the language in question in a fluent way and understand various spoken communication situations. It is also a leap that all students undergoing intensive learning can make in spoken communication and understanding from the end of A2 level (advanced beginner level).


The training can last from 20 hours to 80 hours, in blocks of 20 hours. This method requires the trainer to be dynamic and empathetic in order to know when to stimulate and when to relax the student.

Required level

A2 (Advanced Beginner) level and above

Dates and Timetable


Group lessons:
On request

One-to-one lessons
On request



9:00am–13:00pm from Monday to Friday


€990 in group classes or €1600 in one-to-one lessons

Identify your level of French

C2 - Higher advanced level

Excellent command of the language, with structured and coherent expression in all situations.

C1 - Advanced level

Advanced level: good command of the language, with well- structured expression in social and professional situations.

B2 - Advanced Intermediate level

General command of the language in social situations.

B1 - Intermediate level

Effective, but still limited, command of the language in everyday communication.

A2 - Advanced beginner level

Communication during simple everyday tasks and familiar activities.

A1 - Beginner level

Use of simple phrases. Understanding of common words.

A0 - Complete beginner

No knowledge.

Our Main Teachers


FLE teacher, trained in the "quantum leap" method.

Price : Free

Max Availability : 7

Difficulty : Advanced Intermediate

Location : 15 rue Montmartre, 75001 Paris

Typology : In groups